Meikleholmside is situated in the beautiful Annan Water valley - the house was deliberately positioned to make the most of the special setting, using the principles of landscape Feng Shui

meikleholmside 2

Areas of planting close to the house combine traditional broadleaf trees with fruiting trees – rowan, sweet chestnut, hazel, walnut – to form a ‘fruit and nuttery’

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Three hectares of broadleaf woodland were planted in May 2000. As the trees mature they will create views and vistas across the surrounding countryside

    About This Project

    Bringing together our skills in architecture and Permaculture design, Meikleholmside is a family home, set within 45 acres.

    The house used traditional building techniques, including green oak construction, and was designed to minimise its environmental footprint during construction and use.

    The green oak for the timber frame in the living room was locally sourced. Working with local craftsmen, the frames were carved out on site and assembled using the traditional oak peg technique.

    A new processing and office space was completed and commissioned in 2002. Future plans include a series of functional ‘pods’ in the landscape for use as ice houses, chill-out spaces and animal housing.

    Permaculture is a design system for creating sustainable human environments…it is the philosophy of working with rather than against nature.

    Bill Mollison, co-founder of Permaculture, in Introduction to Permaculture


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    Architecture, Landscape, Sustainability