Low Energy Homes in Gretna

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Low Energy Homes in Gretna

Following their visit to the multi-Passive House development at Dormont Park, developer Hadrian Homes set out to build 47 low energy homes at their site in Gretna.

Hadrian Homes focus is on quality traditional construction. They were also keen to push deeper sustainability in all their future developments. The Passive House standard offered a perfect fit for their ambition to deliver low energy homes for open market sale.

Passive House for Traditional Build

We piloted the Passive House process on a low energy home the developer was building in Carlisle. We took the approved design for the house and retrospectively applied Passive House principles. In this way, we could develop and test construction details for the traditional building techniques preferred by Hadrian Homes. The developer could therefore be confident that it was feasible to roll out Passive House at the Gretna site.

Zero Carbon Homes

Zero Carbon Low Energy home in Gretna

The first house on site was a certified Passive House. This has strict monitoring requirements during construction to satisfy the stringent quality requirement. The house achieved a Zero Carbon, EPC-A rating. It is calculated that the house emits -0.2 kg CO2/m²/yr, meaning the property produces approximately 0.0 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. The average Scottish household produces about 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. This clearly shows that houses of this quality standard can make a considerable contribution to addressing climate change.

The second property did not go through the Passive House certification process. Even so, the same strict design and energy standards were applied throughout.

The next developments are due to start in site in 2020.

Commercial Development of Low Energy Homes

Once completed, this will be one of the largest developments of low energy homes for open sale in Scotland. The development is also unique in Dumfries and Galloway. With their very low energy costs these homes support sustainable lifestyles for residents and help deliver climate-friendly communities.

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