Dormont Park


The houses at Dormont Park are built to such high levels of insulation and air tightness that they don't need a central heating system

Dormont Park PassivHaus Estate

The development was designed to create a sense of community, following the Scottish Government's Designing Streets guidelines

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The PassivHaus approach, coupled with renewable energy technology, has completely removed the threat of fuel poverty for the tenants

    About This Project

    Dormont Park comprises eight new-build homes designed and certified to the ultra low energy PassivHaus standard.

    These homes were the first of their kind in rural Scotland; the first to be built on a commercial scale anywhere in Scotland; and the first private rented housing in the UK built to this standard for affordable rent.

    Had these houses been built to the standards required by building regulations in force at the time, it is estimated that each house would emit 63 tonnes of CO2 every year. By building to certified PassivHaus standards and utilising solar and biomass renewable energy, each house will emit around 3 tonnes of CO2 a year – a saving of 60 tonnes of CO2 per house every year for the estimated 60 year lifespan of these houses.


    ‘This is a dream come true. Since my twenties – long before it was even talked about – I have wanted to live in a house like this.’

    ‘It feels just like home – it feels so right. You have built a real community here.’


    August 2011


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    Gleddoch House Hotel & Gleddoch Wynd

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