Barn Conversion near Lockerbie

About This Project

Our client wanted to renovate a disused, traditional stone barn to create new, energy-efficient eco homes for rent. The barn conversion had to be in keeping with the character of other buildings on the estate.

Our design solution used energy-efficient features to make sure the new homes used as little energy as possible. We kept traditional details from the existing building in the redesign to keep the character of the original barn.

The new eco homes offer tenants healthy, comfortable homes with great indoor air quality. The homes are very affordable to run because of their low fuel bills.

Achieving 100% Zero Carbon

The barn conversion used triple glazed windows, high levels of insulation and airtightness and Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery units to reduce energy demand. Electricity is supplied entirely from local on-site hydro, a nearby Combined Heat and Power plant and rooftop solar PV panels.

We designed the renovation to meet Passive House levels of insulation and air tightness. The final air tightness test result was 0.96 – equivalent to theEnerPHit standard, the Passive House Certificate for retrofits. The properties have an EPC rating of A. Combined with the renewable energy, this meant that the conversion has a Zero Carbon footprint.

Innovative Design

We were careful to ensure the long-term preservation of the stonework. The barn conversion therefore uses traditional techniques and adequate ventilation. The design also gives high levels of internal insulation by using an internal timber kit with mineral wool.

These barn conversion techniques provide an effective and affordable way to bring disused rural agricultural buildings back into use.


The Home Farm development was the winner of the Rural Housing Award in the Helping It Happen 2018 awards, run by Scottish Land & Estates.

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January 2017


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